Cincinnati Bengals, Worst Front Office In The NFL?

With the news of Marvin Lewis coming back on a two year deal, it’s official, the Cincinnati front office is the worst in the NFL.  Continue reading “Cincinnati Bengals, Worst Front Office In The NFL?”


Beer Talk Pod Episode 4: All Inclusive

Welcome back! You have landed on episode 4 of Beer Talk! This week we recap Benji’s trip to Vegas (0:02:28), question of the day (0:08:57), new blogger (0:12:41), Blog Jog (0:14:41), college picks/rankings (0:18:37), Blog Jog Pt 2 (0:42:23), college coaches (0:49:50), NBA (0:53:45), Jersey Shore/rants (1:05:55), NFL (1:16:28), Drunk Thoughts (1:21:26), and of course the Beer Review (1:22:19)!