Congratulations Bama, You’re #2!

Last night Alabama defeated Georgia to become the official 2nd place team in all of college football. Continue reading “Congratulations Bama, You’re #2!”


CFB Playoff: Quick Semifinal Previews & Predictions

Hey, Beer Talk fans! My name is Jay Hawkins, and I am going to start contributing here (every so often) at Beer Talk Inc. You can hear me on the latest BT podcast that is dropping Monday. Make sure to checkout my own website ( to keep up with me individually and see all the other writing stuff I have done all over the net and follow me on Twitter: @legitjaydogg. Unfortunately, I have been very busy lately and do not have much time around my laptop, but I had to get something out on the CFB Playoff. Enjoy. Continue reading “CFB Playoff: Quick Semifinal Previews & Predictions”


Beer Talk Pod Episode 4: All Inclusive

Welcome back! You have landed on episode 4 of Beer Talk! This week we recap Benji’s trip to Vegas (0:02:28), question of the day (0:08:57), new blogger (0:12:41), Blog Jog (0:14:41), college picks/rankings (0:18:37), Blog Jog Pt 2 (0:42:23), college coaches (0:49:50), NBA (0:53:45), Jersey Shore/rants (1:05:55), NFL (1:16:28), Drunk Thoughts (1:21:26), and of course the Beer Review (1:22:19)!