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Thank God There Are Going To Be More Reviews In NFL Games

The easiest fix to the ending of the Rams Saints game last year would have been making one official in the booth able to watch replays of the play and buzz down to the officials and tell them they blew it and to throw a flag. This would take maybe 5-10 seconds. BOOM! problem solved. The Saints would not have been screwed, and would have been going to the Super Bowl. Instead we all know how it played out, Saints fans losing their minds and boycotting the Super Bowl.

Now, the NFL thinks they have figured it out by making Pass Interference calls reviewable via coach challenges. WHY??? NFL games are already constantly stopped due to replays and reviews either from coaching challenges or on field reviews when  the refs want to be sure they made the right call. The NFL making this change is like the MLB making the pitcher wait 30 seconds in between pitches, it doesn’t make sense at all. While all the other sports leagues are trying to speed the game up to hold the attention span of the world that literally can’t pay attention to anything and the NFL is doing the opposite.

The Sky Judge would be the most effective and reasonable fix to this problem. Maybe Roger Goodell just hates creating a more watchable product? I can’t wait to watch 15 pass interference reviews every game next season. At least it will make a good prop bet in the Super Bowl.


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