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Kyrie Irving To Sit Out Against The Cavs Tuesday, He’s The New KD

I would love to say this is surprising news that Kyrie Irving is going to sit out of Tuesday’s game in Cleveland, but honestly it makes a ton of sense. Ever since Kyrie has went to Boston and especially this season he has really made no sense. So, by him not playing tomorrow it makes perfect sense because it doesn’t make sense… I think.

Kyrie has flip-flopped all season. At one point he was calling LeBron to apologize for being a dickhead and essentially begging for Bron to take him back, then basically calling out his teammates for not being good teammates. Now he is saying that it means nothing for him to go back to Cleveland a few months after. He’s becoming the new Kevin Durant. This is such a KD move. I almost feel like KD actually said the same thing about going back to play at OKC (maybe I made that up).

If we really want to get down to the bottom of why Kyrie doesn’t want to go back to play in Cleveland it’s probably something to do with the fact he is scared of Collin Sexton.


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