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ESPN Came Out With A Football March Madness Bracket And Boy Did They Mess It Up

ESPN released their “What if” NCAA Football March madness bracket and they once again showed no love to the Ohio State Buckeyes. Below are the regions and seedings of the teams who made the cut.

As you can see the Buckeyes were horribly under ranked. A 4 seed? Seriously? Sure they lost Urban Meyer and Dwayne Haskins, but they replaced them with a coach who is an offensive genius and made Haskins into the qb who is the number one qb in the NFL Draft, and is being replaced by one of the highest touted recruits of all time, Justin Fields.

Even more egregious than the Bucks being a 4 seed is that they are behind LSU, Notre Dame, Penn State, Auburn, Florida, among several others. The one that is absolutely the worst is they are behind Michigan. A team who they put up 62 points on. A team who was supposedly the “best defense in the nation.”

This just has me so pumped up now for the season. Looks like we’re gonna be underdogs this year. Remember last time we were outside of the top 10 when the season started?

With a third string quarterback….

Go Bucks


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