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Committee Continues To Flop With Top 25

Week 2 of the College Football Playoff Rankings has come out, and WVU got hosed. 


With the second week of the Playoffs Top 25 being announced last night we continue to see the committee screw up the rankings. I’m sure that by now you all know that LSU, after a 29-0 beat-down by top ranked Alabama, fell just 4 spots to #7 in the rankings. The now 2 loss Tigers were ranked ahead of three 1 loss Power 5 teams on Washington State, West Virginia, and Ohio State. And so another poll comes out that I for one, and many in the country, take offense to. Ohio State, while also suffering a double digit loss, has been one of the most explosive teams in the country on the shoulders of Dwayne Haskins. West Virginia and Washington State have been consistent on the back side of Heisman caliber quarterbacks, Will Grier and Gardner Minshew respectively.

The 2 loss Tigers seem to be benefiting  from SEC bias, as while they have good wins, a 29 point loss should drop you more than 4 spots, especially having a loss already. I’m not saying LSU shouldn’t be a top 10 team, but they definitely shouldn’t be ranked ahead of the 1 loss teams previously mentioned. Washington States massacre of Oregon, and West Virginia going in to Austin and turning the horns down, should have established them as teams deserving of being ahead of the Tigers. Ohio State I’m more weary on, as their last two games have been a blowout loss to an inspired Purdue, and a mere five point victory over a 2 win Nebraska team.

Outside of the top 10, Group of 5 teams continue to be disrespected. Fresno State, at 8-1 and running roughshod through the Mountain West, are ranked 23rd, and are below seven 3 loss teams. Buffalo, who is now 9-1, and Utah State, at 8-1 after destroying Hawaii, are missing from the rankings all together. The same Utah State  team that are a play or two away from being undefeated after suffering an overtime loss to Michigan State in the season opener. I get that these teams play weaker schedules, but how long will it take for the G5 to get the respect that they deserve? As a whole, this weeks rankings show a trend that has been present since the creation of the committee and the playoff. If you’re in the SEC, we might as well rank you.


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