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I Know Why Kanye West Keeps Hanging Out With Donald Trump, And Kanye Is A Genius For It

If 10 years ago I told you that in 2018 Donald Trump would be President of the United States you would’ve called me and idiot. If 10 years ago I would’ve told you that Donald Trump would be President of the United States AND best friends with Kanye West you would’ve called me a delusional R word. But here we are.

Kanye has been on a terror. Calling slavery a choice, rocking the MAGA hat, and hanging out with Donald Trump. It’s odd. They’re supposedly working on prison reform, I think. I don’t know for sure, but I think I saw that one time. I don’t know why and it’s because I saw right through the smokescreen instantly.

Kanye is hanging out with Donald Trump because he wants old white dudes to buy Yeezys. If we know two things for sure about ol Donny Boy it’s that he’s rich and that old white dudes love him.

Old white dudes wear one shoe. Nike Air Monarchs. Every white dad across America owns a pair. It’s just a social norm for George in Indiana has a pair, Joe in Wisconsin and so on and so forth. All white dads have a pair. But, Kanye saw a way in. Nike hitching their wagon to Colon Kaepernick opened a door. Old white men aren’t going to wear a shoe that’s company endorses a guy who disrespects the troops and flag. So he knew what he had to do.

In the video you see Kanye show his phone to Trump. What you don’t see is what he showed him. I hacked into Kanye’s iCloud after seeing his difficult, impenetrable passcode of “000000” and found that these are the pictures he showed him.

Conclusive evidence that Kanye has launched a campaign to make Yeezys the new official shoe of white dads everywhere. Here is Trump’s reaction of approval.

You can’t make this stuff up folks.


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