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Netflix Recommendation Monday: A Series That Can’t Be Missed


Jonah Hill and Emma Stone are great together. Ever since Super Bad, they have been a dynamic duo. Maniac is no different.

The show is pretty weird. I have to admit it was nothing like what I imagined it would be. I thought is was gonna be a psychological thriller. It’s more of a thought provoking, mind bending show that makes you question everything. It’s really a nice touching story of two completely broken people working out their inner demons and finding peace with their lives. The setting of the show is hard to figure out. It has a 70’s or 80’s vibe with technology far superior to today’s. Pretty cool when you really think about it. Looks like hipsters are gonna stay in style, unfortunately.

It does a great job of bringing light to mental illness and future problems technology could cause. For example: a super computer with human emotions (My worst nightmare).

It starts slow. Just explaining the back story of how Owen and Annie got to where they are and how they got into this drug trial testing. The drug they test is supposed to cure mental illnesses and depression.

Every review I’ve seen talks about how “it’s like watching someone else’s dream.” No shit it is. That’s exactly what’s going on. I just thought I’d at that there to be like the rest.

I definitely recommend Maniac and it comes in at a hot 8.9/10 on the Beer Talk Scale.


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