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Did I Cause The State Police To Fly Over The Penn State Tailgate? I Think So

Not to toot my own horn, but I think I caused the Pennsylvania State Police to fly a helicopter over the Penn State tailgate this past Saturday.

So in case you missed it I sent this tweet out from the Beer Talk twitter account on Saturday.

Which showed a couple Nittany Lion fan girls smelling a mysterious white substance while there friends are out partying behind them.

I of course would never want to assume anything without facts, but it sure does look like these lovely ladies are doing coke in between some cars. Not a great look for the prestigious university that is Penn State.

Now the main point of this, like I said above I don’t like to assume things without facts, but we did have this happen during the tailgate as well.

Now folks this only means one thing. The State Police saw my tweet and sent this helicopter to find the sorority girls that were hiding that Colombian bam bam. Could this have been what rattled the ‘White Out’ faithful, making them be not as loud on that last drive where OSU scored? I personally think so. You can thank me by Venmoing me $5.



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