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Friday First World Problems

Well folks here we are, Friday again, the end of the work week, weekend upon us, everyone’s happy! Well, except for those of us with a first world problem.

I know, what could possibly be worse than last week?? Buddy, let me tell ya. Paper cuts.

I got a paper cut the other day and honestly I thought it was the end of the word. Have you ever had a paper cut? Do you know how big of an inconvenience they are? Especially because at first it doesn’t seem that bad. Then you wait five minutes and now it wants to start to bleed!

Not to mention when you brush it up against something! I went out to a bar this past Saturday and the door man must’ve felt my pain. He asked for my ID and I hit the cut getting my wallet to witch I said “shit, the damn paper cut hurts” and then he said “oh yeah those are a bitch, go ahead man you’re fine”.

Thankfully someone understood my pain!

Anyway folks I will see you back here again next week for another First World Problem.


P.S.- My new blue-tooth headphones are awesome to build off of last weeks problem.


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