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We Don’t Have To Mention LeBron In Every Cleveland Cavaliers Article Anymore

Sure, LeBron is the greatest Cav of all time, and possibly the greatest player of all time, but it’s time to move on.

I’m not sure I’ve read an article about the Cleveland Cavaliers that didn’t mention LeBron James in some fashion. Wether it be “LeBron James left the team in disarray.” Or “How will the team play in LeBron’s shadow.”

Well, to be honest, it does not matter. What matters is that the Cleveland Cavaliers inked their new star Kevin Love to a 4 year extension, that they drafted their point guard for the future, who played quite well in summer league, I might add. It matters that they are actively engaging in talks to enhance the teams ability to win and make a playoff run.

Dan Gilbert held a private meeting with the same guy he made a trade with to bring in the teams leader, Kevin Love to Cleveland, trying to bring in Jimmy Butler. They are not trying to bring in Jimmy Butler to fill the void LeBron James left when he left. You can’t fill a void that LeBron leaves when he leaves. It’s that simple.

Sports writers LOVE to add LeBron James to every article for clicks most of the time when he does not even fit in the article, it’s just a good name to throw out in your article to get people to read it. In Cleveland and Ohio and anywhere else someone is writing about the Cleveland Cavaliers, don’t mention LeBron. He has nothing to do with this team now. As I mentioned earlier, he has everything to do with the history of the Cleveland Cavaliers, but nothing to do with the 2018-2019 Cleveland Cavaliers and probably many Cavs teams for years to come.

This team has some young talent and it gives shots at redemption to many players like Rodney Hood and Jordan Clarkson. It gives players a chance to establish their role in this league like Cedi Osman and Collin Sexton. It gives players a chance to lead the right way like Kevin Love. The hometown kid is now Larry Nance Jr. It’s a brand new season that brings new opportunities for everyone on the roster including the coaches. Ty Lue summed it up perfectly at media day.

“This season is about wins and lessons.”

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