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South Park Has Done It Again

We already knew what was coming, the promo for season 22 was #CancelSouthPark for God’s sake. Then we get the episode one preview which was good enough to be a whole episode.

If they just would’ve aired this 15 second clip continuously in the 30 minute time slot on Comedy Central I would’ve probably watched it for 10 minutes. It’s like when I was younger, I’d watch the same episode of Sports Center 4 or 5 times.

At the end of season 21 we end with PC Principal and Strong Woman hooking up and later the president is captured the White’s save him. Cartman and his cute, funny, and smart girlfriend breakup and the president/Mr Garrison escapes.

There’s nowhere Trey Parker and Matt Stone won’t go. It’s almost unfair that they can do this and get away with it.

Don’t scroll anymore if you don’t want spoilers of episode one. Although I’m not sure how there can be spoilers of a 30 minute episode of South Park, but nonetheless.

SPOILERS from here on:

The episode starts with a SWAT team coming into the classroom because of a school shooting and the class continues completely unbothered. Then to the 15 second clip above. The whole family, aside from Sharon, under reacts. Which is hilarious in itself.

The first scene sums up the whole episode. Each scene funnier than the last with an active shooter involved in every school scene. Each time every one under reacts.

My favorite part of the beginning of the show was Cartman in PC Principal’s office saying how he’s not racist because the rumors of him saying Black Panther was a bad movie were not true (totally a bad movie).

The topical references ran deep with a funny twist, as always. School shootings, Black Panther, and Fortnite.

The episode goes on to show Cartman investigating if Token has in fact watched Black Panther or not. Ending with Stan being shot in the third and final school shooting of the episode. Sharon doesn’t overreact to this one after apologizing to Randy for overreacting to the others, in classic, hilarious South Park fashion.

Overall, the episode is taking South Park back to its roots, which has not been the case with the past couple seasons. It was refreshing to see the old South Park we know and love.

Let me know your thoughts on the first episode and follow along for the rest of the season.


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