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As We Approach The Postseason, Please Don’t Let Team’s Know How Good The Indians Are

Folks postseason baseball is upon us, with that we have the same thing we have every year, people that still sleep on the Cleveland Indians. That’s okay though, please don’t let those people know how good they are. 

In case you missed it let me recap some of the recent things to happen for The Tribe.

  • Moved Josh Donaldson into the lineup September 11th, has hit 2 HR so far.
  • Just finished the season series over the Red Sox, won that 4-3
  • Trevor Bauer returned to the lineup 9/21
  • They clinched the AL Central, again
  • They are the first team ever to have 4 starters with 200 strikeouts.

Now I know the bullpen has been a problem all season, but as the regular season has closed out, the bullpen has started to get their act together. Combine that with what could be one of the deadliest hitting lineups in the league, well, we got our selves a damn good team.

They open the ALDS in Houston, which will be tough, but I think we take it in 5. Then the hard part, the ALCS that will most likely be a run in with Boston. I think we can take that in 7, but it will be the hardest series they play all year, and that includes a World Series, series.

Now don’t get me wrong, the World Series will be tough, but I have faith the Tribe get there, and they win it, and I get to go to another Cleveland parade. The question is who will they be facing. If I had to put money on it, I think the Braves. They are just playing awesome baseball, and when hot, can be unstoppable.

But that’s not who I want.

I want the Cubs. I want a rematch. I want them crushed. I didn’t care about the Cubs World Series drought. They could’ve waited one more year. I wanted the World Series in 2016, but because of a damn rain delay, momentum was stopped and I had to watch us lose at 2 in the morning. I had to see them celebrate at The Jake, on our field. Not cool.

I know a lot of people will say this is such a homer blog, but it’s not. It’s just letting you know the facts. But please don’t tell people these facts. I want it to be a surprise when we win the World Series, the world will be shocked.

Roll Tribe



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