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Will Grier Is Great, But Haskins Is Clear Heisman Winner

Hey guys its me @beertalkshriver here to let you know who the true and obvious Heisman winner is, Dwayne Haskins.

Yeah sure it’s only the start of week 5, but folks come on, how is it even a competition? The fact that people are even putting Will Grier in the same category is a slap in the face to DH7.

Yeah I know I’m supposed to be the WVU guy, but even I can not be a homer to admit this! Haskins has a rocket arm and just doesn’t seem to lose! Hell Grier should be lucky DH7 isn’t draft eligible this year or Will would have to get taken after him!

Well tata for now folks I will be back soon, and as always, West Virginia! Mount your Mama! Take me home! Dana Holgorsen blows!


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