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This Meme I Saw On Facebook Has My Brain In A Pretzel

I’ve been staring at a blank tv screen since I got home because of this meme.

Folks. I’m honestly not sure what to think about this. Like, I know it’s not true, but I don’t know, ya know?

This would be the ultimate plot twist, in fact I hope they are already making a movie about it. Imagine a planet just going to shit and the leaders being like “alright we need two people to volunteer to go to that sister planet and start the repopulation process.” (Insert brain explosion emoji)

The only thing that makes that movie better? We find out there was a step away named Elon Musk who’s only goal in life is to get back to his home planet and see if there are any survivors. You know like maybe he has hope that his ancestors are actually just living underground and they just haven’t been able to reach earth to let them know.

Or, the plot thickens even more when we find out that Adam and Eve and the powers to be knew that the mars folks were still there, but they keep us from knowing that! Showing us pictures of a red planet but in reality it looks just like Earth!

Im sorry if I’ve now sent your mind on an adventure too. I honestly don’t think mines going to get out of this pretzel.



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