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ESPN Came Out With Their Top 100, So I Fixed The Top 20: WileyP NBA Top 20

Recently MSESPN came out with their top 100 NBA players list. It was atrocious. In particular the top 20. After the top 20 nothing really matters about the rank of the players, they’re pretty much all interchangeable at that point. A few of the major fudge ups that MSESPN made were Steph Curry at 2, KD tied at 4 with Giannis. Yes that’s a tie, in the top 100, with a League MVP AND FINALS MVP with a guy who has yet to prove himself as a winner. The most egregious part of all, besides Kevin Durant tied at 4 was the fact Kyrie Irving was at 20, behind players like Draymond Green, Joel Embiid, And Ben Simmons. So with all that being said here is my top 20. It’s a helluva lot better than ESPN’s. I’ll post ESPN’s top 20 below mine.

  1. LeBron James- Los Angeles Lakers
  2. Kevin Durant- Golden State Warriors
  3. Steph Curry- Golden State Warriors
  4. James Harden- Houston Rockets
  5. Anthony Davis- New Orleans Pelicans
  6. Giannis Antetokounmpo- Milwaukee Bucks
  7. Kawhi Leonard- Toronto Raptors
  8. Chris Paul- Houston Rockets
  9. Russell Westbrook- Oklahoma City Thunder
  10. Paul George- Oklahoma City Thunder
  11. Kyrie Irving- Boston Celtics
  12. Jimmy Butler- Minnesota Timberwolves, for now
  13. Joel Embiid- Philadelphia 76ers
  14. Karl-Anthony Towns- Minnesota Timberwolves
  15. Klay Thompson- Golden State Warriors
  16. Andre Drummond- Detroit Pistons- wasn’t even in the top 30 on ESPN’s
  17. Damian Lillard- Portland Trailblazers
  18. Ben Simmons- Philadelphia 76ers
  19. Nikola Jokic- Denver Nuggets, I don’t feel comfortable putting him this high honestly.
  20. Victor Oladipo- Indiana Pacers

There you have it. A real top 20. Not some clickbait top 20 to get people talking about the NBA. Notice Draymond Green isn’t in the top 20. He isn’t in the top 30 either. He would be a role player on any other team. Notice I don’t have ties either. How do you even tie in something like this?

Let me know what you’d change in this top 20! (Even though it’s correct)


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