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Friday First World Problems

Welcome to what I hope to be my new series, where I share my ‘First World Problems’ with you. Enjoy!

Folks, I don’t want to be that guy, but I lost my Bluetooth headphones last week, and it’s pretty devastating. So since last Monday I’ve been using the stock Apple ear buds. It’s truly the worst. Like we pay $600-$1000 for phones and this is the shit they give us? Ridiculous. So then I’m forced to pay $100+ for decent Bluetooth options. No biggie, until you lose them.

I gave myself a week and a half to find them (mainly because it wasn’t a pay week for me last week), but no luck. So as I was at the gym tonight I got fed up as my phone fell from my pocket and they came unplugged. I immediately grabbed my phone and order a new pair, thankfully I’ll have them for Saturday. But I still have to use the junk ones tomorrow. Which sucks. But I think I can make it. (Maybe).

So there it is folks, my first world problem of the week. I hope you all send me positive vibes in this trying time, I need them!

Bless up, Benji.


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