Girl Thirst Traps Everyone, And I Fell For It. I Guarantee She Has A Boyfriend With Spider Web Tats On His Elbow

What do you do? A girl like that, sends a tweet like that, you have to reply. She was probably feeling down because she failed an exam or maybe one of the loser douchebags she was texting ghosted her, all hot girls always are texting and falling for a super douche loser who sucks at life and sells addys and has spider web tattoos on his elbow. These guys STINK! So bad, but girls continue to “fall” for them. I don’t know, but this is a classic thirst trap.

I had to send that tweet. It wasn’t even up to me. The Twitter gods told me to.

Did I regret it, absolutely. I thought I was going to have such an original tweet. Turns out it was the most unoriginal thing I’ve ever done.

Turns out her entire twitter account is a gigantic thirst trap. She has 3,004 followers and I guarantee 80% are dudes who have soul patches and wear baggy jeans.

I hereby order all thirst traps be eradicated. That girl didn’t need to send that tweet. She could’ve posted a sexy picture and moved on, but no. She has to make all of Twitter fall right into her thirst trap. I was literally the 76400890474839303 person to reply something like this. Get over yourself Bree.


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