Dear Fellow Steelers Fans: Calm Down

An upset Antonio Brown left the locker room early Sunday after the loss to the Chiefs and took yesterday off. So of course Steelers Nation decides to lose their minds.

Antonio Brown had had a slow start tot he season thus far. Through 2 games he has 18 receptions for 160 yards and a touchdown. Now to most that doesn’t sound to terrible, but when you have the pressure of being the best WR in the league, it’s tough. All of this on top of the other drama surrounding the Steelers, employee 26 not showing up to work.

Folks, it’s just now week 3. Have you never follows this team before? Big Ben tends to have a slow start with AB. Why? He’s taking time to build a rapport with the other receivers in the system. Getting Juju involved as well as Jesse James. Getting acclimated with rookie Washington. He knows he can take a few weeks to do so because he already has a relationship with AB.

Now that doesn’t mean this doesn’t frustrate Brown. He was visibly upset with new OC Randy Fichtner. You can’t hate that he wants to see his own stats reflect the way he is viewed. I’m sure he’s also not thrilled with the fact that his offense hangs 37 on Kansas City and still loses. The defense allowed 42 points Sunday. That’s frustrating for a high level offense to take.

While I’m not his biggest fan, I think Mike Tomlin knows what to do to reel in the star WR, as does Ben. He will be back at work today and things will go on as normal. Monday that have Tampa Bay. While Fitzmagic is a real thing I see the Black & Gold winning by 2 tudders and AB going for 100+ and at least one score.

So breathe easy Steelers fans. This team is fine. We will forget all about this when we are playing in the playoffs.



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