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Red Sox & Yankees Are Mad The Indians Got Josh Donaldson: BOO HOO!

Imagine being two of the best teams in baseball right now and still being scared that the Indians are going to beat you in the postseason. 

So right at the deadline the Cleveland Indians acquired the 2015 AL MVP Josh Donaldson. The stellar 3rd basemen spent most of the season on the DL with a calf injury, but that didn’t stop the tribe from taking the risk on the slugger. It’s no secret the Indians will need all the help they can get in October and, if healthy, JD is the exact person for the job.

Some teams weren’t happy about the move, Red Sox and Yankees, who felt they should let the MLB know it wasn’t right that the Indians traded for a player that wasn’t healthy, but wait, according to this blurb from The Athletic, they could have stopped it.

Any club could have placed a claim on Donaldson and blocked him from going to the Indians, but none was willing to risk getting stuck with his remaining salary of nearly $4 million.

The best part about this to me? That the Yankees of all teams are complaining about this. You know, the same team who most definitley got some help from former player Derek Jeter (now owner of the Miami Marlins) when he traded them Mike (Giancarlo) Stanton. GTFO out of here with that noise.

And to the haters who thought JD wasn’t healthy?

Donaldson is set to make his Indians debut today, the Indians twitter should just go ahead and cue up a “Donaldson hits first home run as a Cleveland Indian” tweet. It’s just bound to happen.



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