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Netflix Recommendation Monday: A Star Studded Western That Will Blow Your Socks Off


This movie is a star studded western. Christian Bale plays Army Captain Joseph Blocker and is tasked to deliver a cancer ridden Cheyenne War Chief back to his homeland to die. Shortly after leaving they find a woman, played by Rosamund Pike the Gone Girl star, alone in her burnt cabin with her three murdered children and husband. The movie shows their journey across the country and the troubles they endure along the way. This isn’t a spoiler, but the shovels they bring get a lot of use.

Other notable names in the movie are Jesse Plemons aka Landry from Friday Night Lights, Ben Foster from X-Men, Alpha Dog, Lone Survivor and Freaks and Geeks. Wes Studi from almost every movie with and Indian in it plays Chief Yellow Hawk in the movie as well.

Rosamund Pike plays her normal role of crazy in this movie. Rightfully so though, seeing how her whole family was murdered. I just feel like every time I talk about her I have to mention how hot her character in Gone Girl was. Perfect example is this gif.

Overall, this movie is not one I would typically watch. It’s long (over two hours) and a western. Just not my genre, but I did like this one. It’s kinda slow but has a lot of moments of action. It’s a Cowboys vs Indians movie nonetheless. This clocks in at a 3.1/5.0 mugs on the Beer Talk Scale. So give it a watch if you like westerns or if you’re bored. This is a great bored movie.

Let me know what you think of the movie or if you have any recommendations of your own!


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