The Things That Matter: PETA Wants Lawmakers To Put A Headstone On A Highway For Lobsters Who Died In A Crash

From Fox News:

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) asked Maine officials on Wednesday for permission to build a large grave to mark the site of a truck crash that resulted in thousands of lobsters spilling out onto a highway.

PETA hopes to memorialize the “countless sensitive crustaceans” who were killed during the Aug. 22 crash in Brunswick, the animal rights group said.

Police said 7,000 pounds of live lobsters were destroyed and it’s suspected it was more than 4,500 lobsters that died, according to the Portland Press Herald.

How reckless Of those silly crustaceans to be driving wildly enough to crash and cause thousands of lobster brethren to lose their lives. It’s sad to see. I almost bet none of them even had their drivers license. Even worse, I bet they were illegals. You do have to feel bad for them though. With the strict immigration policies placed on illegals, it’s even been bad enough for libs to call it unconstitutional. But, to be honest, this isn’t even the worst treatment of lobsters to date.

How about those dancing lobsters from the hit early 2000’s Nickelodeon show, The Amanda Show? They were forced to dance and be held in captivity, but for what cause? You sickos entertainment. Giant lobsters like that deserved better than to be paraded into a courtroom to be forced to dance for nothing but whatever tips people decided to throw in a lobster trap whilst leaving the courtroom. Makes you think.

You can tell it’s had a toll on Amanda Bynes, the star of The Amanda Show. Here she is during the show.

And here she is now.

It has to be the result of guilt and regret of keeping these creatures in captivity that has made her appearance so rapidly decline. Couldn’t possibly be anything else.

As for the lobsters who died in the crash, RIPIP.


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