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A2B Presents: The Great Pumpkin Bash!

Are you a fan of Beer Talk? After 2 Beers? Live entertainment? Fireworks? Supporting great causes? Do you live within a reasonable driving distance to Richmond, Indiana? Well then do I have an event for you!

On Saturday October 6th, the A2B family will be hosting our first fall celebration. There will be kids activities throughout the day, food trucks, onsite vendors, and live music in the evening including The Hawkeyes. Scarrette Pyrotechnics Shows and Displays will also be launching an amazing 30 minute firework show at dusk!

The event is raising funds for the Fight Like Jan movement to raise awareness and dollars for Reid Bravo to help fight breast cancer. If you would like to sponsor the event please reach out to Dutch Daulton at 765-238-8680.

Want to help raise money for this great event so we can make it free? Then feel free to visit this link and donate! Click here!

Also make sure you are following both the Beer Talk Pod and After2Beers on iTunes!

You can even check out a music video from The Hawkeyes below!





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