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Now That Plastic Straws Are Dead, It’s Time To Come For Balloons

As we all know, plastic straws are evil. We need to be switching to better alternatives (paper straws being my favorite), which folks seem to be finally getting behind. So now that we have basically killed plastic straws, it’s time to turn the attack towards balloons!

So here I am, trying to get to bed at 11 after taking a 4 hour nap after work, it’s not really working out, so I turn to social media surfing. First thing I see? An article about how balloons are just as bad as plastic straws, and folks, I am here for this battle to defeat balloons.

(Disclosure this is being typed late but being set to release at Noon tomorrow)

Folks, the releasing of 100’s to 1,000’s of balloons at events has always baffled me. It may honestly be one of the absolute dumbest ways we pollute the earth. Not to sound like an eco-nut, or big environmentalist type person, but honestly, why do we think it’s okay to just release balloons into the sky, knowing that they will no longer be our problem?

Balloons had a good run though. We will always have the great times though. From birthday parties, to graduations, to weddings. At one point it was the best way to celebrate an event. But we have other things to replace it, like alcohol. I think if we just swap out the money we spend on balloons and move it to alcohol instead.

Also, we have the most memorable thing possible of balloons, and it is this lovely video that I’m leaving you with.



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