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Tim Tebow Is Dating Miss Universe And I Feel Like A Proud Dad

Not only is Tim Tebow the greatest dual sport athlete of all time, but he is also doing great things off the field.

I feel like a proud dad right now. I feel like I had something to do with this in some weird way. I’ve been a Tebow guy for years now and I’ve been a Demi Leigh Nel Peters guy ever since she won Miss Universe. These are two absolute flame throwers. Two beautiful perfect human beings. Do I think I am the reason they are together? Well, yes kinda. I do. These two deserve to be together. I love playing Cupid. Just picking two people I think should date and waiting for it to happen, but with this one I don’t even think I could’ve hand picked it. It’s too perfect.

These two will be in the White House one day and I will be there with them too, probably. Good for these two. Today I am one proud dad. Happy birthday, son.


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