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Urban Meyer: Should He Stay Or Should He Go?

Urban Meyer has been hot in the streets the last 24 hours. A lot of talk of whether he should be employed or not. This is just one guys opinion on the matter. 

Let me give you my answer before I get started: I honestly am not sure.

With that being said, I could change my own mind by the end of this blog. It’s also worth noting that, yes, I am a Michigan fan, but I am still going to be as unbiased as possible in this.

Let’s get to the story first. Here is the whole story here. Long story short, it appears that Urban Meyer lied about knowing his assistant coach was beating his wife, claiming he just learned about it last week. As it turns out, Meyer’s wife had been in contact with the victim of the situation, Courtney Smith, over the entirety of the situation that began in 2015.

Then there is this excerpt from SB Nation.

In 2009, while Smith worked for Meyer at Florida, Gainesville police reportedly arrested Smith for aggravated battery on a pregnant victim — his then-wife, who was 8-10 weeks pregnant at the time. Courtney Smith later declined to press charges.

Meyer goes onto say that he was told that what was being reported wasn’t true in 2009 and that he and his wife began to counsel the young couple “because of their relationship with the family.”

That last line I just wrote is where it gets a little more hairy in my opinion. You see, Zach Smith, the accused former assistant, is the grandson of Ohio State great Earle Bruce. Urban Meyer is considered the protege of Earle Bruce. He has even been quoted on many occasions that he idolized the man. He wanted him and his wife to run their programs similar to the way Earle and his wife did.

I don’t know, it all seems to me to be a lot more than just a coincidence. Which sucks if I’m being honest. I know Urban Meyer has had a the bad publicity when he was down at Florida, the ‘alleged’ heart attack stuff to get out of that situation and some bad pub with former OSU players, but he’s still a hell of a coach. He is still great for the college game.

I will say I was right, I did change my mind. I do think Meyer should be fired. I wasn’t on that boat yesterday, it wasn’t until I learned the Earle Bruce connection. That is where it gets dicey to me. Where it appears to be a ‘cover your ass’ type of situation.

Too me, this becomes a PR nightmare for OSU. This is title 9 shit, this is way and I mean WAY worse than the tattoo scandal (which should’ve been a non-issue to begin with) and that led to Jim Tressel losing his job!

So I think that within the next week we will see either a firing of Urban Meyer, or his resignation. Ohio State isn’t about to be drug into the same mud as Michigan State or Penn State, they know what they have to do to save face.




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