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Jim Harbaugh: Smartest Man Ever?

If you missed it, yesterday a report came out that Jim Harbaugh told a former player to eat steak or pork instead of chicken, because it’s a ‘nervous bird’. 

Folks. I think I love this man even more now. For context, here is the quote below.

I have been preaching for YEARS that we should all just be on an all red meat diet. This country was built, I think, on steak and eggs (and eggs and steak). I think Jim is on too something too, could the political correctness of America be traced back to when we all started eating more chicken than beef?

Also, imagine a football coach tells you this. This is what I hope Jim is saying on the recruitment trail. Imagine it, “So what sets you guys apart from the other schools?” “Well let me tell ya buddy, do you like steak? Because that and pork is all we eat, all day everyday.”

If I’m hit with that line, I’m in. Where do I sign. This is also the most peak Jim Harbaugh thing in the world and just proves that he’s the ultimate football guy too. I mean seriously guys, you’re the top 5 recruit and you have to choose between the immortal Jim Harbaugh who eats steak virtually every day with no problems, or some wimp who has to watch his cholesterol because he has (alleged) heart problems.

Not even close on that one, Michigan all the way.



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