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Is Eric Church Soft?

Eric Church will be on the cover of Rolling Stone next month, and the magazine released an article yesterday that makes the “Desperate Man” singer seem a little, well, desperate for attention. 

So let me get you up to speed, last year at the CMA’s Garth Brooks decided to lip-sync his performance on the show, moments before winning Entertainer of the year. While it’s not the most ideal thing he should’ve done, he did it in good reason. To save his voice for the SIX straight shows he had in FOUR days.

Folks before I go any further I’ve gotta say, I am an Eric Church fan, but he is no where near the entertainer and figure that Garth Brooks is.

So lets get to it. For reference here is the link to the article and an excerpt.


So for the last two years Garth has won the biggest award of the night, rightfully so too! I have seen the man in concert twice on his last tour, and it is hands down the most entertaining show I have ever been to. I have also seen Eric Church live, he sounds great live, but not very entertaining. Not one bit.

So what’s the problem EC? Are you mad that Garth is winning an award you wanted? Is it the fact that since Garth came back he is the tour of choice for folks to attend? I’m honestly not sure, that’s the reason I’m asking, bub.

It could be that EC doesn’t like hearing that Garth is the hardest working man in country music, well newsflash, he is. From September 2014 to December 2017 Garth performed 390 shows, again that number, 390! A good chunk of those shows were same day! The man hates seeing people get gauged for ticket resells that he would just add another show, even if it was in the same day as one that was already booked!

My favorite part about seeing the best country act of all time? A Garth show cost the same from the front row, to the nose bleeds. Now I  can’t say for sure whether EC follows the same line of thinking, to my knowledge he does not, but I can’t say for sure. But can you imagine? Only paying $70 to sit front row at a Garth show? What a way to show appreciation to the fans!

In the end folks, us Garth fans could care less about what EC thinks, honestly, I am surprised that EC is showing he’s a bit of a mental midget about this. I mean dude, it’s been almost a year and your’e still thinking about this? Come on man, shouldn’t you be busy spending time on your elaborate album releases? Or even better, get back on the road and try to win Entertainer of the year again while Garth is taking a break.



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