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People Think Donald Trump’s Kids Killing Extinct Animals Is Horrible

The broken-brained are at it again. They are now mad at the President for letting his kids kill Wooly Mammoths and Sabertooth Tigers.

Full Video:

How? How can you not know a Wooly Mammoth is extinct? A Triceratops?! These must be the people who think Jurassic World movies are documentaries. While these people are complete imbeciles, it’s absolutely hilarious. “Yeah, I don’t think they should be doing it, but there are laws and services to do these kind of things.” On the surface looks like the smartest comments any of the people made on the surface, but it’s actually the most absurd. Yeah, there are laws that allow you to kill already extinct dinosaurs and people who offer the services to help you do so. Makes sense.

Imagine waking up everyday and thinking you might see a Wooly Mammoth! It would be incredible to be that naive.

To keep this bipartisan I will admit that if this guy went and did the same thing in any town in West Virginia, he would get people saying things like “I think it’s awesome! I would love to kill a pterodactyl!” and “Yeah, me and my sister/wife have been planning a family vacation to go kill a Wooly Mammoth.”

Still, these people were the target interviewees and they exceeded all expectations I’m sure. Absolutely incredible!


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