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Jim Harbaugh Hates Sportst Betting

I am currently torn between two things I love, betting on sports, and Michigan Football. 

So here is the quote from Coach Harbaugh from yesterday:

“Don’t associate with gamblers,” he said. “Avoid it like the plague. Don’t walk away from that, run.”

Here is what the media isn’t telling you, that quote is being used somewhat out of context. It is being portrayed that Harbaugh is directing this towards the idea of betting on sports and those who do it on a regular basis.

“Wrong!” – Donald Trump- Beer Talk Benji

This was actually in reference to the education the Big Ten is putting out to help players be reminded of the integrity of the game. The above quote is what Harbaugh will be telling his players to do in regards to sports betting. I don’t blame him either, he’s trying to avoid a scandal that could hurt the school, which I’m sure Michigan would like to avoid again.

Image result for the fab five

So as it seems the media tried to doop us all again, but not this Michigan Man. I went digging for the real details (looked up the press conference) and got to the bottom of this nonsense. It is worth noting that Harbaugh could actually hate sports betters, that particular line was just not a shot at them.

I also hope it didn’t take you until now to realize I used a click bait title.



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