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Josh Hader Returns to Milwaukee

Of course all of us have seen the tweets that have landed Brewers pitcher Josh Hader in an uncomfortable situation. Dug up over the past week were multiple instances of racism, sexism, and homophobia on Haders twitter account over 6 years ago. The All-Star, who was 17-18 at the time of the tweets, issued an apology and proceeded to delete his twitter account.

Saturday night upon his return to Milwaukee the Brewers fans gave Hader a standing ovation. The team and the fans showed Saturday night that they will firmly stand behind their teammates, their family. Those close to Hader assure us that he is not the same man that wrote those tweets, and obviously a couple of tweets shouldn’t ruin someone’s reputation. Everyone has the ability to change any bad attributes they show, and this is just another case in which social media and America had blown something small way out of proportion. So I salute you Josh Hader, for handling this situation with grace, and Milwaukee and it’s fans, for standing behind one of their own when he needed it the most.


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