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21st Century Casual; The New Style For The Workplace

So I usually hate all trends that my generation has started, but there is one I will get behind, and will be the front man for, 21st century casual dress. 

Let me start this off with saying I like getting to wear a shirt and tie, especially when you have a bunch of dope ties to show. I don’t like doing it EVERY SINGLE DAY.

My biggest issue? When you get that perfect tuck for your shirt before you go to work, only to have to take a piss and never get that tuck back the rest of the damn day. Also, it is just too many layers, so during the summer you start sweating walking from your car to the building. Nobody wants to be sweaty at 8 in the morning.

The fix? Enter 21st century casual.

So here is the thing, in an office work setting, there is a little bit of disparity between how women can dress in the work place, and how men can dress. Personally, I am jealous of how women can dress. I mean if you think about it, they can wear dresses, skirts, pants, khakis, shirts,  and blouses. Men, well it’s expected that we wear a shirt, tie, and slacks.

This is bullshit.

Why can’t men wear something like a baseball tee and khakis? Shoot I would even wear a casual shoe with that too. Even better, H&M has become one of my favorite stores, they make incredible regular T’s which I think are just fine to have in the work place.

This is how folks get to dress in Silicon Valley, and honestly it is the only reason that I wish I got to work at one of those companies. If I have to sit behind a desk all day with the occasional meeting, I want to be comfortable. Shirt and tie? Not comfortable.

So this is it folks, this is the movement we need to get behind, this is what we need to use our millennial voice for, more than anything else! Please @ me about that, I don’t care. This is what I think is one the more important things. Yeah maybe it sounds like a first world problem, but I don’t give a fuck.

Agree? Disagree? Want to call me a dick for calling this the most important issue? Then reach out to me on twitter and we can discuss!



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