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Francisco Lindor Should Be The Face Of Baseball, Not Mike Trout.

After this weeks MLB All-Star game the world finally knows what we Indians fan already knew, Lindor should be the face of baseball.

If you haven’t seen it yet, here is Lindor’s in game interview during the All-Star game. You can find the highlights here

Just scroll down the page a little bit and you will find it.

But that is just a taste. If you are a fan of this team you know that Frankie is the exact guy to make baseball fun again. Fuck Mike Trout’s boring ass. Dude is literally out in Cali, where he could market himself and the game in an incredible manner, but chooses not to.

Imagine if Lindor had that LA spotlight? Too bad for all you fake Califorinia baseball fans, you won’t get to see that. Lindor is going to be a lifer In ‘The Land’. So go ahead baseball world, keep doing all you can to make Trout the guy, while we sit at the corner of Carnegie and Ontario, watching the best short stop in the league go to work.



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