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Japan Is Running Out Of Ninjas: Time To Outsource

Source: Japan is having a ninja crisis.

The small city of Iga, famed as the birthplace of the ninja, can’t find enough martial artists to perform for tourists during its annual festival, according to an episode of “Planet Money” on NPR.

Professional ninjas in Iga can make up to $85,000 per year, the report said, but a high salary isn’t enough to combat the central Japan city’s depopulation problem.

In order for ninja shows to thrive, Iga needs to attract more young people willing to go through the intensive training. With the Japanese unemployment rate at just 2.5 percent, towns like Iga have trouble finding people willing to take the job. Iga, a rural city, is also losing young people to larger cities like Tokyo, the podcast explains.

Where do I sign up? $85,000 to be a ninja? I’d do it for $50,000. Who wouldn’t want to be a ninja. If a panda, some turtles and Chris Farley can become ninjas I definitely can. I mean I may have to develop a coke problem like the latter to have the energy, but $85,000?!?! I can’t believe there is that much of a shortage. Why work in a sweat shop with nets outside the windows to prevent workers from jumping to their death when you could go be a ninja for that much money. It may be China where the nets are, you get the point though.

I mean I don’t fit the bill of your typical Japanese man, I’m probably a little too tall and a little too chubby, but for that amount of money I could drop a few pounds. The height situation can be figured out when we get the ball rolling a little bit.

So sign me up! I’ll start training tomorrow. If I have to fight Shredder though, I’m way out. He almost took out a whole team of four mutant turtles. Maybe they could’ve laid off the pizza a little bit.


Image via: Sally Herships


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