Why West Virginia Will Capture a National Championship This Season

After reading the title of this post I’m sure that most of you are laughing your asses off, and that might be a fair reaction. But hear me out. This is a serious post that will highlight my top three reasons the Dana Holgorsen led Mountaineers will win the CFP this season.

Reason number one is simple enough, the Mountaineers have Heisman hopeful Touchdown Jesus at the helm. That’s right, with Will Grier back under center with an extra year of experience, West Virginia is primed and ready for a championship run this season. The second reason goes right along with Grier’s return, the blue and gold also return three top 10 Big 12 wide receivers, in David Sills V, Greg Jennings, and Marcus Simms. Imagine the amount of yardage and touchdowns that will be coming down those country roads this fall. It’s not hard to imagine, the numbers you’re looking for are remarkably high.

Finally we come to the reason that might just seem like hocus pocus to most of you. The Mountaineers are the only Big 12 team to finish higher than their preseason media prediction each of the last four years. This season, West Virginia is predicted to finish second on the Big 12. Which leads me to believe the team will finish at the top of the Big 12, and advance to the CFP, where they will capture that ever elusive national championship. Get ready Mountaineer fans, the stars have aligned, and it’s time for the blue and gold to take home a title.

For all your West Virginia news check back on with me here at Beer Talk, and as always, Eat Shit Pitt.


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