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Thank You, LeBron

Well, it finally happened.

LeBron James is signing with the LA Lakers.

8 years ago I reacted very differently.

Imagine thinking that Dan Gilbert letter was great. 15 year old me was pretty dumb.

This time around I’m thankful, beyond thankful, for what LeBron did for the city of Cleveland and for every Cavs fan.

I got to experience the most electric championship parade ever.

I still get goosebumps when I hear “Block by James!” They might honestly be my favorite words I’ve heard in sports (that is until I hear Hammy call the Indians World Series champs)

Folks are going to continue to hate on LBJ, they will keep up with the narrative of him being a whiner, a baby, a ring chaser. What I know is I’ve got to witness in my life the greatest basketball player ever, and he brought an insane amount of joy to my life.

Sports are our escape. That’s why we tune into them so much. They help us disconnect from the world for a few hours, and it’s great, and when they give us lasting memories, like LeBron has for me, it’s even better.

I’m sad writing this, but I’m not mad. It could be a while before the Cavs are back in a title hunt, and I’m okay with that. I got to see one of the grittiest teams grind back and win an amazing series in 2016, and that can hold me off for a while.

With that I end how I started. Thank you, LeBron. I can’t wait to watch you retire as a Cav and take a picture with my kids in front of your statue.



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