Big News Regarding The Terrell Owens Comeback

From The Score

“The Edmonton Eskimos have added Terrell Owens to their negotiation list, TSN’s David Naylor reports.

Owens hasn’t played a down since the 2010 NFL season, when he featured for the Cincinnati Bengals.

The six-time Pro Bowler is scheduled to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame this summer. Owens recently made headlines for stating that he won’t attend the ceremony. On Monday, he posted an Instagram video that appears to show him running a 40-yard dash in 4.43 seconds.”

This is big news for TO. Growing up he was one of my favorite players to watch. One of the cockiest, most savage players of all time- I.E.

That’s one of the most unforgettable moments in NFL history. But, we could be getting more of that in the future, just this time, north of the border. To be completely honest I have no clue what it means to be added to the negotiation list, but it sounds really good for TO. Instead of going to the Eskimos (the E words), I think he should go to Hamilton and team up with Johnny Manziel. They would look great standing on the sideline together until enough Canadiens got hurt and gave them a chance to play. It would also be a great way for Hamilton to sell out every single game because of their proximity to the United States.

Let’s start the TO to Hamilton movement and make this happen. Imagine all the touchdown celebrations he’s been able to come up with since 2010.


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