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Browns Myles Garrett Says He’s Not Taking The Easy Way Out Like Kevin Durant

As we all know, that snake, Kevin Durant made the weakest move in NBA Free Agency History. Myles Garrett however, will not.


I officially love Myles Garrett. He’s woke about almost everything, except dinosaurs. They didn’t exist. But, taking this shot at KD is what all Cleveland fans wanted. For the past two years we have been robbed of the NBA Finals because of a weak ass move by Kevin Durant. He took the saying if you can’t beat em, join em to a whole new level.

This the exact Cleveland grit that it takes to win. Not being afraid to tell the truth and having the determination to make your situation great. The former number one pick in the draft is now one of my favorite players. I agree wholeheartedly, as do most people, that what KD did was weak. Thank you Myles Garrett for being the voice all of Cleveland needs and for not giving up on the Browns. Best of luck this season. As for Kevin Durant, your own city doesn’t even like you. You have came and stole away the MVP from Steph, who has been there for it all. It must eat him alive knowing that he is just another face to the 10 Warriors fans. Just wait till KD starts using his burner accounts to attack Warriors fans who call Steph the best player on the team. I’m calling it now that next season this will start happening.

Even Smash Mouth weighed in on the comment. Unlike Smash Mouth though, Kevin Durant isn’t a one hit wonder, as he has now won two championships.

By the way, don’t let this distract you from the fact that the greatest team in NBA history blew a 3-1 lead in the NBA Finals.


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