Big Off-Season Cavs News!

It’s been almost a week since The Cavs were swept by those nasty Golden State Warriors. The Cavs chatter has been pretty quiet since. But today I have some awesome Cavs news to share!

The Cavs and Larry Nance Jr. are currently engaging in contract extension talks!

That’s right! The pride of Akron himself is looking to make sure he is in Cleveland long-term. Keeping him closer to his friends and family. Helping to create some building blocks for the Cavs roster.

How can you not like this move or the Larry Nance Jr story? Gets traded to his hometown team, the team his father played for, wearing his fathers own retired number for the organization.

I have wanted Nance on the Cavs since his rookie year when I used him on 2K. I knew then he would be a great rebounding big in the league (everyone knows I base all player stats and skills on 2K). He then showed just how good he can be once he was traded to Cleveland at the deadline. In my personal opinion, other than LeBron, Larry had more hustle than anyone else on the team when he was on the court this postseason.

So tip of the cap to the Cavs, they know that this could be the foundation for marketing if the 1% likelihood Bron leaves again or that this can be a big part in building a great young unit this off-season to help Bron get number 4 next year.

Congrats on that upcoming contract Larry. Just a kid from Akron.



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