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Jack From Twitter Apologizes For Eating Chic-fil-A

This is one of those things you come across and you think to yourself “did I read that headline right?” then you click on it, and the article rattles your brain even more. 

Let’s start with the tweet that started the controversy

So this was simply Jack promoting his company, Cash App, with his other company, Twitter. Which happens to also have a kickback right now for making a purchase at Chick-fil-A. Makes sense you know, little free marketing while also enjoying some nugs.

That should’ve been it. Boom end of that tweets journey. But it wasn’t.

Enter Soledad O’Brien

So if you don’t know, in 2012 Dan Cathy who was the CEO of Chick-fil-A said that the company backed “the biblical definition of the family unit.” It is know secret that the chain is very christian based, they aren’t open on Sundays so that all members of the company can have the day of rest.

Soledad wasn’t the only one to call Jack out, but she was the one got him to respond with him saying that ‘she was right’ and that he ‘forgot about their background’. He then apologized.

Listen, I am person that does not care what anyone or anything wants to do and who they want to be with. But this is some extreme shit man. I mean one reply to Jack was “You must love the taste of bigotry!”

Like really? My argument here is that we are rehashing a statement made 6 years ago by Mr. Cathy, that really was not that bad and honestly wasn’t surprising. But to bash the CEO of Twitter because he promoted the fact you can get cash back from his app for eating at Chick-fil-A. Shaming that because it also fell in Pride Month is one hell of a leap.

I try not to get to political on my blogs but this one just rattled me for some reason. Was it because I take attacks towards Chick-fil-A personally? Possibly, I am a very big stan for them and their delicious nugs. But also this wasn’t really a political piece as it was more dealing with the fine folks trying any route they can to become an SJW.


PS- If you don’t like Chick-fil-A, you’re wrong.


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