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Giannis Antetokounmpo Living His Best American Life

How has your week been? Pretty good? Well it hasn’t been as great as Giannis’. Not by a long shot!

Over the past 5 days Giannis has been indulging in some of the greatest all time American items and I couldn’t be more jealous of him. Let’s check in on what he’s been up to.

First was Monday night…

..then we have Wednesday night…

..and finally Thursday afternoon.

This is exact way to live your best life! I mean think about getting to try these things for the first time, this is the epitome of the American Dream to me.

I know how I feel every 6 months to a year when I eat a corn dog I immediately am like “god damn this is a great invention!” Granted it does suck when you bite into the stick but it doesn’t take away the happiness.

The Kool-Aid is the same thing, when I think of that drink I think of being a kid at my buddies house and going straight to the fridge, knowing damn well his mom had that pitcher on deck. This makes me sad for his childhood that it wasn’t part of it, but I’m glad he has this now. Now he just needs to buy one of those super 90’s style pitchers to put it in.

The last one is the best though. Not only is Giannis proving that yes men can also get a pedi, but that he finally has tried the best bagged snack in any gas station across this great nation. For real, the guy that created Funyuns, you the real MVP. Yeah sure they make your breath stink, and they start to cut the top of your mouth when you have a lot, but they are still delicious! Also I love whenever I see them telling people around me “They’re like onions, but fun!”.

Giannis keep living that best life man, keep exploring all the great options for food the USA has for you, there are plenty of options out there. Personally I think the travel channel should give him a show this summer where he goes to a mess of state fairs trying all the crazy foods.



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