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A Teacher Is Being Punished For Giving A Kid The Class Clown Award

From 10TV A teacher in Louisiana will face disciplinary action for two end-of-year awards she gave to a first grader.

Hayden Albert was given the “most talkative” and “class clown” awards along with a red clown nose by his teacher Jessica Bordlee.

“A teacher like this, you’re a bully,” Hayden’s grandmother Shaneka Hayes said.

Hayes said her grandson is a good kid with a big imagination but the class clown award doesn’t represent his personality.

“But as far is being funny, making people laugh, jokey-jokey, she said that’s why she gave him that award. No no he’s not like that,” she said.

Family member believe Bordlee used poor judgment in naming the awards.

In a Facebook post, Hayden’s aunt said class clown should have been “most funny” and most talkative changed to “future motivational speaker.”

As great as 2018 has been, it absolutely stinks! I will give a full disclosure here, I won the awards for Most Outgoing and Class Flirt. I like to think that translates directly to “Sexy Class Clown” but that’s just me. Now as for this, this is outrageous. Heaven forbid we call the student who most likely acts out in class, makes the class laugh and obviously must be funny enough to make the adult teacher laugh a class clown. This is like when your kid sucks at basketball and they don’t cut them, but they keep them on the team and they never play and the parent goes full on short poofy haircut, let me talk to the manager and tells the coach that there Johnny should be playing just because he “works harder than everyone of those boys.” Except it’s the opposite. This kid is presumably hilarious. Reminds me of myself a little. I’m much funnier though.

Why can’t we just accept this for what it is? You have grandma saying “my grandson makes dick jokes at 9 years old and he has a great imagination, but class clown doesn’t represent his personality.” Give me a break lady. I was once a 1st grader making jokes and doing stupid stuff. Did I ever let my parents know I was doing these things? Hell no, I was an angel at home. Nothing worse than being 9 years old telling a joke about 69’ing in front of your mom. It’s not a good move, but in school at recess I’d sit on top of the slide with the boys and crack jokes all day.

Now, to penalize this teacher for giving awards for personalities is ludicrous. Yeah, bad move by giving students motivation to be themselves all year, instead of being sheep robots like society wants people to be. Thank you Jessica Boardlee for inspiring and motivating kids to be themselves. After all, we all know kids are shitheads, but they’re hilarious shitheads.

“In a different time clown probably had a different connotation,” he said. “The meaning of words evolve over time and I just don’t think the connotation with the word clown is appropriate to these days.”

Craig says honoring the child for being funny is one thing, but the way the award was presented was the main concern to the district.

Also, thanks IT for ruining the connotation of clown. Now they think he’s a killer.


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