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Put Delly In The Dunk Contest Next Year

The Bulldog is back! Delly, an NBA Champion, is looking to change his game this summer. He is going from being a defensive specialist to being a high flyer. The grittiest player in the game is about to get a lot grittier. He now will be throwing it down on the heads of everyone. Nobody is safe. If I saw Delly coming at me I would be buying a plane ticket to get out of his way. This man doesn’t take prisoners. In the video above you can see the raw athleticism he shows.

Let’s just hope that little strap thing isn’t a jet pack Elon Musk created specifically for white guys to start posterizing people. Imagine if he would’ve turned it on, he would for sure pulled a Shaq and broke the backboard. The whole NBA has been put on notice for next year. Delly is hunting for posters.


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