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The Entire NBA Finals Hinges On JR Smith Now

Everyone has seen the play by now. It feels almost as if 4.7 seconds of game 1 decided the entire NBA Finals. I sat in my chair for two hours after the game just sulking in the stupidity of JR. As an NBA player that makes 14 million dollars a year, you’d think you would be smart enough to know “time and score.” It’s one of the most elementary things to know in basketball. I mean the whole game relies on time and score.

With all that being said though, JR and the Cavs have the decision to just give up and let those 4.7 seconds define the series, or put that game in the rear view and go out and give the same effort in game 2. JR has to go unconscious and play the best games of his career. He’s been known to do dumb shit his entire career and bounce back.

A side note is this tweet.

Steph Curry needs to realize it took him, Klay, KD, Draymond, and company to just barely beat the Cavs on a screw up.

Let’s hope the Cavs can bounce back and keep this series as interesting as game 1.


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