We Need A Video Guy

Are you good with a video camera? Can you edit videos well? Do you like doing something for free with the opportunity to make money in the future? If you answered yes (especially to the last question) please click continue reading!

So we here at Beer Talk have awesome video ideas that we want to get out there in the world. We have a YouTube channel and all social platforms, but we suck at videoing stuff.

That’s where you as a potential Beer Talk person come in! I know we said no money, but that’s only because nobody makes money at this company yet. But with your help and all of our brains put together, we will be millionaires at some point, probably.

We are very serious about this too folks, we joke a lot but we really do need a video guy, and you won’t just be a video person, you can also just be a content person, you can blog, be featured on the blog, all that stuff. You can do as much as you want, shoot we will even give ya some free shirts!

So please inquire at or DM us on any and all socials. You really don’t even have to be great, just be better than us!


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