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Is It Crazy To Bet On The Cavs To Win The Finals? I Have 4 Reasons That Say It’s Not

The Cleveland Cavaliers are entering their 4th straight NBA Finals against the Golden State Warriors as a huge underdog. Everyone has written them off so far, but I think they need to take a look at the numbers. Not the statistics. We’re not nerds here at Beer Talk, but the real numbers. The numbers that actually matter. If we looked at just the matchups and PERs and all the analytics stuff it would be doing a disservice to the game.

In every year Nick Saban and Alabama have won a National championship, LeBron has won the NBA Finals. This could just be a minor coincidence I suppose, but in sports these things usually mean something. But, this isn’t the only weird thing.

Last time Tristan Thompson cheated on his girlfriend the Cavs also won that year. It’s no surprise the Cav’s playoff slogan is #WhateverItTakes. Tristan was willing to not only cheat on one pregnant girlfriend, but two. If that’s not enough to win him the teammate of the year award then why do they even give it out? (I don’t think there actually is a teammate of the year award)

Last time Villanova won the National Championship in basketball, guess what. Cavs also won that year.

You know what happened last time Steph Curry had a knee injury in a season? If you guessed “The Cavs won” then

Is this just some crazy coincidence. I think not. We know better than to think that.

So, would it be crazy to bet on the Cavs to win? I don’t know you be the judge of that. All I’m saying is history repeats itself.

PS- It wouldn’t necessarily be entirely crazy to bet your parents house on this series…

PSS- Steph Curry is a little cocky douche


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