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That’s Dr. JJ Watt To You

JJ Watt has recently been granted an honorary doctorate from the Baylor College of Medicine. The degree, Doctor of Humanities (apparently that’s a thing), was given to him for his efforts during hurricane relief last August. 

Okay listen, JJ Watt is an amazing human being and an awesome football player. What he did after Hurricane Harvey was absolutely amazing, but we need to stop giving out these damn honorary degrees!

Like how many times are we going to see celebrities just getting these fake degrees handed out like they’re candy? I can also only imagine how it must feel being in that degree field and working hard towards something, then just to see your school just give one away. Granted, a doctorate in humanities can’t be too hard or actually get you a job anywhere, but still.

I’ll give JJ credit though, he gets props for having even another reason to show off a picture of his girlfriend. While he may soon be passed by TJ as the better Watt brother, he still stays winning with Kealia Ohai by his side.

Image result for kealia ohai



P.S.- Yeah I know I put that dig in there about TJ going to be better than JJ soon, because it’s true.


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