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I’m Not Worried About The Cavs…. Definitely Not Worried

The Cleveland Cavaliers suffered an absolute beat down last night at the hands of the young Boston Celtics. I won’t lie, I thought going into the game the Cavs had finally figured out what they had to do to win, as they stomped a mud hole in the behinds of the Celtics in games 3 and 4. Boy, was I wrong. The Cavs could not get anything going. It’s pretty bad when you can say LeBron had a bad game when he posted a 26 point, 10 rebound, and 5 assist game on 50% shooting from the field, but he had a bad game. He looked gassed from the second quarter on.

In order to win these next two games Cleveland will need big games from Korver, Love, and JR. If any of the three can put up at least 20 points to go along with LeBron’s 40+ he puts up in elimination games, the Cavs should be able to win.

But, I’m not worried. LeBron will have just enough left in the tank to be able to will a win in these next two games. If Ty Lue can stay out of his own way and let Larry Drew do the coaching the Cavs will be fine.

PS I’m really not worried.

PSS Not worried at all.


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