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Benji’s Summer Beer

So with Memorial Day Weekend coming up you’re probably planning on drinking a lot of beer, and I don’t blame you, but what beer should you be drinking?

Easy answer. Bud Select 99.

Image result for bud select

Budweiser has this amazing beer that is perfect for the summer months. Yeah Budweiser is great, literally the greatest beer ever invented, but now it’s the summer! You want to drink a lot of beer that is gonna have less calories and less carbs so you can keep that beach/boat body going!

Yeah some may say ‘Benji just drink Mich Ultra, it’s good too!’. Yeah it’s good but it doesn’t have that delicious and refreshing taste that can only be obtained from the King of Beers. You might also be thinking ‘hey isn’t that just Bud Light?’. Get the fuck out of here. No, it’s not. Bud Light taste like Bud Light, it’s okay, but Select taste like Budweiser. Nothing can compare to that taste.

You can get it in cans and bottles, so that way it can fit right in your YETI koozie. The cans even look pretty fucking cool too. So don’t think you have to sacrifice taste just to keep yourself looking slim. So find your local store that carries it (Kroger if you are in my area) and get to enjoying the best!

Oh I almost forgot, I give this beer a 4.9/5 mugs. The only reason it isn’t a 5 is because the OG diesels are the only 5/5 on the planet.



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