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Is BeanBoozled The Worst Game Ever?

So over the last few years BeanBoozled has been all the rage. It is apparently the game you should be playing at your next game night, but my question is this, is it the worst game ever?


It is absolutely the worst game ever.

Here is a list of the current flavors that you can get in a BeanBoozle pack

Image result for beanboozled flavors

They also just announced that in June they are releasing two new flavor combos, Birthday Cake/Dirty Dishwasher and Toasted Marshmallow/Stink Bug.

I have played this game one time in my life. I am never going to play it again. Why would I want to? Why would I want to put myself through almost puking at some of these insane flavors. What’s even worse is can you imagine the poor person who had to research all of this to develop it!

I recommend  never trying this game, in fact, I think congress should make it illegal. If I wanted to eat something that tasted like canned dog food or stinky socks, I would just go to a Chipotle or a Taco Bell.



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